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Sugarbook was a matchmaking web site one to website links sugar kids so you can steeped benefactors

[put-out once the Diet plan Delusion throughout the You.K.] In the Good Calorie consumption, Crappy Unhealthy calories, Taubes tries to bury the idea you to definitely a reduced-weight eating plan promotes weightloss and better health. Carrying excess fat are triggered, he argues, perhaps not of the quantity of calories you consume but from the top quality. Carbohydrates, for example discreet of them such white bread and you may pasta, raise insulin …

The outcome Up against Glucose (2016)

Certainly one of Us americans, diabetes is much more common now than ever; carrying excess fat was at epidemic dimensions; almost 10% of kids are considered having nonalcoholic greasy the liver condition. And sugar is at the root of them, and other, critical people-wider, health-relevant issues. Together with trademark command away from both research and you may straight talk wireless, Gary Taubes delves toward Americans’ background which have glucose …


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