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Romantic relationships and you may matrimony inside Nigerian community

“Yes, we generally tend to help you accept loads of conventional philosophy inside the newest framework out-of a love, but certainly not will we the match brand new 50’s homemaker fantasy away from taking good care of the house and having everything given in order to all of us. Instead of group of as well biased right here, I’ll say that Nigerian women can be several of the most better-rounded some one I understand. The ladies I grew up watching inside my neighborhood was indeed every well-educated and you can committed, in addition to being caring caregivers. Yes, elements was high, but it’s just like the i give too much to the fresh new dining table. Require the best of a couple planets? Grab yourself a Nigerian girl. “

Gender positions during the Nigerian culture

“I was raised knowing that the male is allowed to be brand new best business hence shows inside relationship too. In which the girls generally speaking relies on a man to maintain their need for the duration of the connection. However it have not reached the main point where it is basically acceptable for a woman to look at this lady mate.“

Date that is first

It certainly is expected that merely a guy will pay the balance and it pertains not just to the original time but practically to help you everything you! Sigue leyendo