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I do want to get married my personal colombian partner

HALO every person I wish to know about the fresh new a Indian and you may I am bachelor and i also should get married my spouse just who are an effective colombian resident and so i need to know exactly what records might possibly be wanted and just how it may be available.

You ought to be individually during the Colombia to provide :Passport (and you can Visa if the youu need ) and fotocopyfotocopy sign in away from births (perhaps not over the age of 30 days for the spouse, not older than 60 day to you)fotocopy out of register out of births, marriage ceremonies and you will fatalities

You have to indication a magazine whichs says you would you like to merry the woman in front of notary`s place of work. (It part may also create a great registered individual instead of your)

Thank you for what but in India most of the data files I keeps have been in English precisely how it can be possible to expose my files in the Foreign language. Delight let me know would it be really an emotional to find the passport in your country having colombian residents. Sigue leyendo