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Boeun Activities: – The woman is out-of Busan, Southern area Korean

Phase Name: Jimin (??) Genuine Label: Claimed Ji Minute (???) Position: Head Singer, Cardio Birthday celebration: Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius Top: 172 cm (5’8?) Weight: 51 kilogram (112 weight) Blood type: Ab MBTI: ISTP (are ESFJ) Nationality: Korean

Jimin Affairs: – Nicknames: Pearl, Wonji – Personality: Smiling, Bright (A week Idol Self Reputation) – Habit: Satisfies tresses a great deal (A week Idol Worry about Profile) – Advantage: Packed with Rely on – Disadvantages: Idle (Per week Idol Care about Profile) – Fav member: Chaewon since the she actually is cute and motherly. (Per week Idol Notice Character) – This woman is enjoys “Black colored Mamba” by aespa. – She admires IU. – She’s proficient at random moving play. – The woman motto are “Never ever give-up, just continue seeking.” – In advance of, Jimin are a keen anti Perfect Chocolates, but now she’s a mint Delicious chocolate spouse. – Players say Jimin is really confident. (Partner Meeting ) – Jimin’s all-time favourite track was “Hope Maybe not” from the BLACKPINK. (Partner Meeting ) – She loves bubble teas. – The new song you to made the lady imagine to be an idol is Skip A’s “Crappy Girl Good Woman” – Jimin have a regular out of restaurants yoghurt and you can taking pocari sweating & corn cotton beverage. Inform you alot more Jimin factors…

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Phase Term: Boeun (??) Actual Term: Park Bo Eun (???) Position: Direct Artist Birthday celebration: Zodiac Indication: Aquarius Height: 157 cm (5’1?) Weight: 39 kilogram (86 pounds) Blood type: O MBTI: ISTJ (are ENFP) Nationality: Korean

– Nicknames: Infant, Baby Cat, Duck (Each week Idol Thinking Character) – Personality: Utilizes the afternoon (A week Idol Care about Profile) – Hobby: Playing Audio (Each week Idol Self Reputation) – Advantage: Her Attractive Sound – Disadvantage: She fears much (Weekly Idol Worry about Profile) – TMI: This woman is scared of Pet (Weekly Idol Self Character) – The girl favorite user are Hyeju once the she requires the girl to college. (A week Idol Notice Character) – She loves to work on. Sigue leyendo