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What exactly do your label a woman exactly who enjoys old men?

An effective cougar was an older lady exactly who generally speaking times guys which are a lot younger than she’s. The definition of “cougar” has come to get for the a specific kind of elderly woman: individual who wil attract, convinced, and winning. The brand new cougar meme celebrates such more mature females, as well as their power to notice and you may time more youthful guys.

There’s no you to definitive answer to which concern. Cougar memes usually takes several models, and it really depends on precisely what the blogger of your meme is wanting to speak. However, some common cougar memes generally element more mature ladies who try lured to more youthful guys, otherwise humor towards ages difference in good cougar along with her target.

What exactly is relationships a great cougar?

A beneficial cougar is a woman exactly who pursues more youthful people getting romantic otherwise intimate dating. The term can be utilized during the an optimistic otherwise bad way, depending on the perspective.

You should remember that there is certainly a difference between an excellent puma and you may a cougar. Good puma is generally considered a woman less than forty whom likes young people, as cougar title was put on women in the 40s and you will 50s whom seek more youthful men companions that are at minimum a decade younger and regularly 1 / 2 of how old they are.

What exactly is a good puma lady

Puma is actually a term accustomed describe a lady within her 30s who loves to go out or have sexual dating having young guys. Sigue leyendo