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Today’s analysis showed that the ideal age of marriage into the the new vision out of 54

The newest responses was basically coded playing with SPSS 20 and you can Pearson correlations and you can linear regression were used to possess detailed analyses (frequencies and you can crosstabs).

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The latest Pearson relationship coefficient are a numerical directory that presents the new strength and you may guidance of your own family between a few details which is useful measuring the level of organization of the two variables. The brand new correlation can be depict an enormous portion of the information that is reflected by many people observed details, explaining the fresh interdependence between them . The current report uses brand new Pearson relationship during the multiple things: to research new family relations between income and desire to have (more) youngsters, together with most recent quantity of people and attention getting (a great deal more students). Linear regression is used for the very same particular data that relationship coefficients are used for, since it supplies the odds of contrasting or predicting the extra weight if there is a relation anywhere between a couple of parameters; crosstabs studies brings together a few variables and you can stresses the distribution of data for every single of your own questions . An excellent linear regression was used whilst has many facets inside common with the brand new Pearson correlation and therefore has the capability to bolster the present correlation and you may give an explanation for commitment between examined variables. Because of it studies, the fresh new linear regression was applied so you can focus on the newest correlation between the amount of people the newest respondents possess and also the desire to have significantly more. Sigue leyendo