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All of these meta-analyses carry out inform you a dosage-effect relationships between BP decreasing and potassium intake

Significant BP decreasing which have extra doses of potassium about range regarding 1900 to help you 4700 mg/d (49–122 mmol/d) might have been reported to bring about BP decline in around 2 so you’re able to 6 mm hg to have diastolic BP and you can 2 to 4 mm hg for systolic BP. the fresh large variability ranging from efficiency reflects the fresh new variability observed in various other studies. likewise, the end result regarding potassium with the BP is actually determined by pretreatment BP level; age; race; sex; comorbid standards; intake from salt, magnesium, calcium, and other ions; diet; exercise; weight; style of potassium made use of; concomitant medication; and you will duration of have fun with. Sigue leyendo