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Dating status is going to be a proxy for experience of sexual intercourse, and will in addition to influence individuals’ and you can couples’ childbearing desires


In 2014, the biggest proportion from abortion customers was basically in their 20s (60%), with those who work in its 30s (25%-Dining table step one). Adolescents-those individuals more youthful than simply 20-accounted for a dozen% from abortion patients, and you will less than cuatro% were more youthful than 18.

New ratio regarding abortions taken into account by teenagers -because of the thirty-two%. In particular, the fresh proportion accounted for from the fifteen–17-year-olds ong 18–19-year-olds stopped by 25%. The fresh 2014 abortion list from 0.4 for the previous classification suggests that these people were substantially underrepresented certainly one of abortion people relative to its representation throughout the large society of females.

Having said that, people aged 20–twenty-four was indeed overrepresented because of the a very important factor from nearly one or two, acquiring the large cousin abortion speed of your many years-teams checked-out (step one.9). Abortion indicator refuted having broadening years afterwards. Sigue leyendo