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The lady like tale having Min-Hyuk (Playground Hyung-Sik) is actually the newest cherry ahead

step one Bong-Soon Minute-Hyuk (Strong Girl Bong-Soon)

Bong-Soon (Park Bo-Young) is amongst the K-drama leads commonly appreciated on her plot and you can reputation. Trailing the woman sweet and precious demeanor are a difficult and you will badass lady who has exceptional superhuman fuel. She becomes brand new bodyguard out of a young President, whilst being a young people buddy.

In the act, she relates to release her previous like and have attitude on her company. Fans appreciated this pair, while they was pretty, nice, and heartwarming. Fans remember the scene whenever Min-Hyuk attempts to scold the girl, however, she becomes away by simply making his cardio flutter when she gets your a nickname. It slide hopelessly crazy and carry out any sort of wanted to continue each other safe from spoil.

If you find yourself a keen Gay and lesbian fan of animation, you are aware profile is essential. Such lovers were the Romeo and you will Juliet (or Harley and you may Joker) we never had.

If you find yourself an enthusiastic Gay and lesbian man you to was raised which have comic strip, you probably discover a tv series otherwise a couple that had specific rather confirming characters in the event it found intercourse and you may sex. There are particular anime partners online that represented united states was different ways and had the fresh new romances that individuals extremely desired. In honor of Sailor Moonlight Crystal taking environmentally friendly-illuminated for a 4th year, let us go back to the brand new nice, terrifying, and heartbreaking Lgbt couples out-of anime’s early in the day. Sigue leyendo