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I am able to scarcely see the history you to due\u00a0to her dense accent, worst diction, and individuals speaking on history

I attempted several times to find cam and voice service of T-Mobile, it was hard to get these to just remember that , it try a system question; they kept visiting the number to have a problem with a great mobile phone, SIM, membership, an such like. She fundamentally slash me regarding and don’t call-back.

I am hoping I might get some ideas from this user community; there are clearly many knowledgeable, intelligent an logical people here. “,”url”:”https:\/\/community.t-mobile\/network-coverage-5\/one-web-page-takes-2min-to-load-but-only-via-t-mobile-43950″,”creationDate”:”2022-06-08T+0000″,”relativeCreationDate”:”2 hours ago”>,”isTopicUnread”:true,”privateId”:24099,”id”:43950,”type”:”post”,”hasCurrentUserLiked”:false,”isSticky”:false,”features”:[],”forum”:,”url”:”https:\/\/community.t-mobile\/network-coverage-5\/one-web-page-takes-2min-to-load-but-only-via-t-mobile-43950″,”title”:”one web page takes 2min to load, but only via T-Mobile.”,”lastPost”:<"id":43950,"author":,”userLevel”:0>,”content”:”

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