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Non-EU/EEA nationals that happen to be exempt off Irish visas

Whenever you are considering purchasing a visit to the new so-named Amber Island, then you can you prefer a keen Ireland Visa. It all depends on your nation.

Although not, remember this: The fresh new Ireland charge is largely a great pre-entry approval, therefore does not instantly render admission on the nation.

This article will detail details about Irish visas, such as the models, just how to get an Irish visa, who requires a visa for Ireland, and you can Irish charge criteria.

EU/EEA Nationals

If you’re a nationwide regarding a country that is an enthusiastic European union otherwise EEA representative, then you may get into Ireland and start to become for as much as three days in just their legitimate passport or national name credit.

You don’t need a charge, nor is it necessary to sign up to the immigration bodies immediately after you land in Ireland.

If you are not out of an eu/EEA country, but you are from a country that charge-free go Ireland, you certainly do not need to try to get a keen Irish charge.

Yet not, after you get to Ireland, you will have to register with new immigration authorities within edging handle. This is the Immigration Officer who determines regardless if you are anticipate to get in Ireland.

Non-EU/EEA nationals that susceptible to Irish visas

Whenever you are regarding a non-EU/EEA country just who falls under the fresh Irish visa techniques, then you will want to apply for a keen Ireland visa. Thus you must:

  1. Get permission to travel to Ireland (Ireland visa). You do this from your home country.
  2. When you get to Ireland, sign up to the newest immigration bodies which pick whether to allow you to get in and be in the country.

You would not be allowed to get into Ireland just because you receive a keen Ireland visa. Sigue leyendo