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Tuna supply chains not as much as analysis once the Bumble bee brand name alter hand

Into the The month of january. 31, Taiwan-situated Fong Chun Formosa Fishery Business (FCF), among the finest around three in the world tuna traders, bought U.S. canned-tuna brand name Bumble-bee Dinners having $928 mil.

Bumble-bee, good 120-year-dated company one to holds good 22% share of why bookshelf-stable seafood sector, declared case of bankruptcy late this past year once pleading accountable so you’re able to rate-repairing close to a couple of other processed-tuna creatures, StarKist and you will Poultry of your Ocean.

Bumble bee gets its skipjack tuna (Katsuwonus pelamis) out-of wallet seiners, hence enclose all of the seafood within the a place within the a massive online that’s pulled rigid at the top and you will bottom

The acquisition often somewhat improve businesses financial clout, and also will have a general public deal with from income away from Bumble-bee circumstances.

When you look at the a statement pursuing the product sales, FCF chairman Max Chou showcased the companies’ common “dedication to durability and you will in the world fisheries conservation.” However, different definitions out of exactly what comprises durability on the advanced tuna business, and additionally questions more than workers’ legal rights toward distant-liquid angling ships, strongly recommend there’s try to do in order to create depend on on the environment and you will ethical pedigree of one’s cutely cartooned tuna cans into supermarket cabinets. Sigue leyendo