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What is everyday life like in Lithuania?

Note: Lithuania is a couple of hours prior to the United kingdom and one hour just before mainland Europe. This may leave you so much more flexibility am for folks who have experienced an evening, but could hinder an instant end to the date.

Practically men and women talks English, especially teenagers. And that means you won’t need to value learning Lithuanian, even though attempting to learn some is often liked because of the natives.

Lithuanian is an old, yet advanced, vocabulary, discussing sentence structure and you may phonology having Sanskrit. It was very first spoken anywhere between 1500 – 600 BC from inside the the southern part of Asia.

Also Lithuanians say they’re not brand new friendliest someone. Small talk is not regarding the people and you can Lithuanians learn it may come around the since kepted sometimes.

But when brand new freeze melts away, people are form and careful. For example everywhere, you’ll find friends and you can involvement with be produced.

  • “Rave during the the most useful can be an effective transcendental experience”: Lithuanian DJs treat autocracy that have audio
  • Risky bacterium utilized in vinyl toxic contamination on the Latvian and you may Lithuanian coastline

Package a jacket just like the winter seasons is harsh, especially out-of November to February. Sigue leyendo