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Many people will accept that these lines mean that Ross and you can Rachel remarried both, other people declare that considering their background and designs this should getting unrealistic. Indeed, Joey’s comments are unclear and can feel interpreted in another way:

  • Ross and you may Rachel may have in fact lived together with her for some time day following series finale, as well as remarried will ultimately. Some of the staff provides said they sensed very. Inside the “The last One, Region dos” both Rachel and Ross reported that “it was it”, and planned to make it happen. It is possible one Joey’s line “got partnered” regarded Ross and you can Rachel marrying each other, and you can “ended up together” regarded the idea in time when Joey spoke, a couple months once “The very last One to”, as opposed to the time depicted in the last episode of this new let you know. Rather than all of the previous situations where Ross and you can Rachel returned together and you will broke just after, now he is older, old and also has children together. All this you certainly will, and should, cause them to become try harder than in the past.
  • It’s possible you to Joey’s range “got hitched” refers to Chandler, Monica and you will Phoebe, or he may has actually labeled Ross and Rachel’s drunken matrimony into the Vegas. “Wound-up along with her” could have referred to a single day portrayed into the “The last You to, Part dos”. Sigue leyendo

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To make certain that probably speaks to people who hit out to me in addition they state, such as for instance, i do-all this stuff. But there’s this question, and my spouse would like us to do this material. And you will for example, if we don’t ever do this matter, it is instance, their lives actually complete. And this body is confused, since they’re such as for instance, I’m not sure just how to do this question. I don’t even comprehend how to get started to do this situation. I’m extremely worried or scared to do this. Yeah, where there may be some sort of a great hang-right up, you are aware, that knows several things you to definitely you to issue is actually seen as completely wrong, filthy, we’re not the individuals sorts of some body, whichever it’s, or there is certainly you will find trauma relevant, you are aware, such things as you to, you to you to definitely promote a myriad of other baggage with it. Sigue leyendo