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Nettie stays blameless and you can open-minded and her award is actually matrimony to help you the only real male character exactly who shows electricity and you will stability

Samuel was open-minded, smart and you will delicate, he regrets significantly his inability so you can influence the fresh new Olinkas and Nettie, into the soothing him, wins his love and you can determination once numerous years of blameless appreciation. Nettie ‘s the only girl in the book that is chaste up until she uel however, this lady suspicions is groundless.

Nettie’s take care of and you can need for Celie’s students try considerable, as is this lady respect to possess Tashi, which in the course of time erica. She (Nettie) try profoundly skeptical of one’s Olinka men’s room popularity of the ladies, and you may she compares it thoughts with that of the white People in the us to their black countrymen. Sigue leyendo