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1.1.6. What kinds of courses do theology majors take?

The major in theology at St. Mary’s calls for ten theology courses distributed between the areas of Scripture and Thought and Practice. The course catalog gives descriptions more thorough than these brief summaries.

  • Old Testament… survey of all or part of the writings of the Israelites and early Jews
  • New Testament… survey of all or part of the writings of the first followers of Jesus of Nazareth
  • Moral Theology… the theory and practice of doing the right thing. Abortion? Euthanasia? Is this just personal opinion? When is it not okay to just agree to disagree?
  • Catholic Social Ethics… do religion and politics mix? Religion and work? Faith and citizenship? What does it mean to be a Christian other than Sunday morning?
  • Health Care and Medical Ethics… does stem cell research save lives or take lives, or both? If my brain is dead and a machine is making my heart beat, am I alive?
  • Christology… is Jesus God? Human? Both? Neither? What has he done for me lately?
  • Ecclesiology… what is the Church? Do we need it?
  • Sacraments… how do certain objects and actions in particular become encounters with the divine?
  • Theology in the Southwest… how do regional language and culture, particularly those of the Southwest, shape experiences of faith?

1.1.7. What do theology majors get paid to do?

The theology major/minor can combine with other majors/minors in many interesting ways. Christianity is involved in a variety of endeavors besides Sunday morning worship, so theological training could come in handy in all sorts of areas such as non-profit/charity business leadership, healthcare, law and government, and media studies. Sigue leyendo