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However, a complex dating service might be discouraging for some singles

eHarmony is a highly popular online dating site, famous for its high-quality matchmaking engine and its personality test based on Dr. Neil Clark Warren’s psychology research. The site was founded back in 2000 and has fostered thousands of happy relationships, as proven by the long list of testimonies. But what makes eHarmony truly stand out is that it doesn’t rush things: members are asked to complete a lengthy test at the beginning that serves as the basis for the matchmaking system.

Although the site has a well-written FAQ and the staff is also quick to help, these features are only available after the registration is complete. For this reason there are some key aspects and questions of how eHarmony works that you might want to have answered before signing up.

What Is eHarmony Like?

Being a member of eHarmony is like being pampered by a dating agency but in the comfort of your own home. First of all, its style and design are top-notch. Second, you’ll always feel encouraged. From the moment that registration begins you are gently guided through the key steps with a personality test that doesn’t feel intrusive, it’s more like a fun quiz about you.

The menu system is self-explanatory and the profile section resembles an album instead of a boring sheet of preferences. Still, the shining point is undoubtedly the ‘Book of You’ where the personality test evaluation can be read; these results are summarized in a few paragraphs and can be freely shown to anyone.

How Does eHarmony Work?

At its core eHarmony resembles any other matchmaking sites, but adds its own flair to the process. After deciding to sign up you must undergo a rather lengthy registration process where you must flesh out your personality, background, preferences through a series of steps. This process also includes a personality test, where you must rate how well certain traits – such as a desire for commitment, honesty, helpfulness and the like – relate to you. Sigue leyendo